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Transform Drinking Wine into an Art


Wine is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks and it has around 10,000 years history. It’s still a very famous beverage and its fame comes from its simplicity, from the fact that its fermentation process is entirely natural and don’t require any additional substances (like beer or vodka does). Besides its popularity and fame, wine is also holding a high esteem level in today’s society and it’s a great conversation topic around people around the world. You don’t have to be a “sommelier” to know that wine can come out in a lot of different ways and it can be very different in taste or texture. Even though the fermentation process is the same, a lot of things were improved regarding the conservation and storage of wine, increasing its alcohol concentration or making it more dense and tasteful. The wine that we’re drinking today, holds thousands of years of experience and practices that improved its quality.

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Perfect Wine and Food Matching Tips


Matching wine and food is not rocket science. With only a few tips, you’ll make incredibly awesome wine-and-food matchings. Read on to learn the intricate details on how you can make amazing wine and food pairings.

When it comes to wine and food matching, there are these basic rules:

Get what you always love

It is important to opt for a kind of wine that you can enjoy by itself. Some folks make a mistake of choosing a wine they don’t ordinarily like hoping that a food match will do the magic and improve its taste. Picking a wine that you ordinarily enjoy means that even if the pairing turns out imperfect, you’ll still enjoy the wine by itself. The same rule applies to your choice of food. If you don’t like liver, for example, no perfect wine pairing under the heavens will make it work for you.

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