Wine is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks and it has around 10,000 years history. It’s still a very famous beverage and its fame comes from its simplicity, from the fact that its fermentation process is entirely natural and don’t require any additional substances (like beer or vodka does). Besides its popularity and fame, wine is also holding a high esteem level in today’s society and it’s a great conversation topic around people around the world. You don’t have to be a “sommelier” to know that wine can come out in a lot of different ways and it can be very different in taste or texture. Even though the fermentation process is the same, a lot of things were improved regarding the conservation and storage of wine, increasing its alcohol concentration or making it more dense and tasteful. The wine that we’re drinking today, holds thousands of years of experience and practices that improved its quality.

Wine and food matching rules

Wine is also a beverage served before a meal, and a lot of people are having wine during their lunch or dinner (during breakfast is not advisable). For a maximum taste, you should be careful and select your wine based on the type of food that you’re about to serve.

– For example, if you’re having a light meal, based on green or roasted vegetables, a light dry wine will be ideal. Its smooth taste will let you enjoy the vegetables, while the sourish taste of the wine will just make your meal more tasteful.

-If you’re about to have fish, then a sparkling dry wine will be the ideal choice. This also has a soft and sourish taste, that will let you fill the true flavor of your meal, and more than that, the bubbles will cut through the flavor, in case it’s too intense for you.

– In case you want to keep things simple and to serve a stake, then a red wine is the perfect option. It has a strong flavor and the tannin will just make your food more appealing and appetizing.

Best place to truly enjoy your wine

Now that we’ve established what type of wines match with different food, we should also talk about the best environment that will help you truly enjoy your favorite wine.

– A terrace with a great view: A good wine is more then a beverage, is a journey, and what could be more delightful than staying on a terrace, admiring the ocean or the view of a city and sipping your favorite wine. This way you can transcend in a magical world and let your imagination flow.

– A casino: It is known that wine will help your brain relax and you will be able to think clearly. So, next time you’re going to a casino, ask for a glass of wine before you start playing. If you don’t have the possibility of going to a casino, there are always online options like Zodiac Casino or Luxury Casino in which you can hit a Jackpot while enjoying your favorite wine.

As you can see, drinking wine is an art, and depending on your tastes, you will surely find the flavors that suit you best, so you could enjoy them with your favorite food and in your favorite places.